10 Neglected Spots That Need a Standard or Deep Clean

When the pandemic first ravaged the world in 2020, it forced everyone to hunker down and spend most of their time indoors. While others started to try out or catch up on a hobby, the isolation period also urged many people to give their homes a standard or deep clean.

This essential household chore may be the best way to stay active indoors while eliminating harmful allergens, dirt, dust, pollen, and clutter. Cleaning can also positively impact your mental well-being and boost productivity. 

However, sometimes, it’s also easy to forget some crucial areas because of our hectic schedules. Whether you want to give your home a standard or deep clean, this article will enumerate ten spots you must never miss. 

1. Bed Mattress 

You should remember that the bed mattress is one of the dirtiest items in the bedroom because it accumulates bacteria, dust mites, and bed bugs. These nasty pests feed on dead skin, dandruff, and other debris. Moreover, your mattress can get contaminated by body oils and food and liquid spills if you don’t vacuum it frequently. 

2. Books 

Your hardbacks or paperbacks are one of your most valuable items, and you must always take care of them. You can give the leather covers a standard or deep clean by using a soft cloth and shoe polish to wipe them and use a small brush to dust off the pages. You can also clean the paper of dirt or smudges using an art gum eraser.

3. Faucets 

Our bathroom and kitchen faucets can be breeding grounds for microorganisms because of the moist, warm environments. Over time, they can accumulate soap and toothpaste stains and dirt from our hands. You can prevent this unsightly and unsanitary situation by regularly giving it a standard or deep clean to keep its best conditions.

4. The Kitchen Cabinets’ Roof

These overlooked areas can be a breeding ground for dirt and pests. You can keep the kitchen cabinets’ roof clean and pest-free by cleaning it at least once a month. Stand on your tiptoes to remove as much dirt, debris, and dust as possible. 

5. Microwave 

While the microwave is a home for warm temperatures, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria because the liquids can splatter, and germs can spread while heating or defrosting your food. We recommend giving it a standard or deep clean at least once a week or when you notice apparent splatters in the interior. 

6. The Toilet’s Outer Surface

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t fun, but it’s a necessary evil to keep everyone safe from diseases and safety hazards. Besides cleaning the toilet’s inside, you should give the outside the same attention. Bathrooms are moist environments that quickly collect dirt, dust, and bacteria. Unlike wall-mounted toilets, their floor-mounted counterparts are more challenging to clean because they have more hard-to-reach areas. 

7. Shower Glass

Whenever we take baths, it’s easy for dirt, grime, and soap residue to accumulate on the shower glass. Even if it looks clean, many unsightly particles are still present. You can remove them by regularly giving this area a standard or deep clean.

8. Refrigerator Coil 

You can prevent refrigerator coils from clogging by frequently cleaning them to remove dust and animal fur. 

9. TV Remote 

This device is one of the dirtiest things at home because we always use it, leading to disgusting dirt and grime buildup. 

10. Washing Machine 

By wiping it regularly, you can keep your washing machine free from bacteria, musty smells, and gunk buildup. 

Final Thoughts

Even after the pandemic subsides, it’s always wise to give the neglected spots in your home a good standard or deep clean. You can also work with a professional cleaning company if these chores seem overwhelming.

Whether you need a standard or deep clean in Orange County, work with Professional Cleaning Services! We are committed to helping homeowners keep a clean house. Book a cleaning appointment today!

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