Stages of Preparing Your House for Dusting and Cleaning

A clean and well-kept home is important for your physical and mental health. Dust and dirt can cause allergies and respiratory problems, while a cluttered or messy home can cause stress and anxiety.

So that you can concentrate on other things, professional cleaning services in Irvine can assist you in maintaining a clean and orderly home. They can also enhance your home's air quality, which is crucial for your well-being.

What Are the First Stages in Preparation?

Prepare your cleaning tools, such as brooms, long-handled dusters, dustpans, wipe cloths, mop buckets, clear goggles, face masks, and hats. These tools are necessary for dusting and cleaning. 

Even the tiniest dust particles or minute worms, invisible to the unaided eye, can seriously injure the retina and eyes and cause respiratory issues if consumed or inhaled through the nose. 

It can also be harmful to expose your skin and hair to dust particles if you have an undetected dust allergy. Dry, brittle, and dull hair strands result from the action of dust and cobwebs on hair.

Here are the time-saving, systematic, step-by-step cleaning and dusting methods for your space! Of course, you can skip these processes by hiring the pros for house cleaning in Irvine. 

  1. It is best to begin with ceilings if you are unclear where to begin. Remove all cobwebs and dust the fan and the roof's corners. Keep dust, rust, mites, and mice away from false ceilings or ceilings that have spaces above them for storing materials. Clean the ventilation afterwards, and spray such tiny spaces with antibacterial bug removal sprays.
  2. The moment has come to focus on the walls, windows, curtains that are hung against the walls, and the items on the walls now that all of the dust has been gone. Clean the photo frames, polish the mirrors and window glass to return it to its original pristine form, wipe the bookshelves and cabinets with soft microfiber rugs, clean the wall decor, wipe a damp rug across the borders of the walls, dust out all of the curtains and hang new ones if necessary, clean the walls, clean the photo frames, polish the mirrors and window glass to restore it to its original pristine form, clean the wall decor, and thoroughly clean any wooden objects by mixing water and white vinegar, then dry the
  3. Next, scrub all surface dirt off of the tops of the furniture and surfaces. Furniture, chairs, counter tables, and other items should all be dusted. To get that perfect shine, wipe down the hardwood surfaces with a dry, clean rug because water could damage the surface. The dust you removed from the walls and ceilings is now resting on top of this furniture, so you need to sterilize or spray it with an antibacterial cleaner to eliminate it.
  4. Once you've finished, your room will appear bigger, more organized, and cleaner. After that, collect all the extra items and put them in a box labeled "not so required" or save them for a later time in the storage area. Donating unused clothing and toys to organizations or residences where they would be treasured and valued is the finest line of action.
  5. Put your carpets, curtains, rugs, soiled garments, worn-out apparel from your wardrobe, and everything else in the washing machine. Doing this may keep your room more organized and stop chaos from dirty clothes. After that, arrange your wardrobe with all of your clothing and accessories. After properly folding and storing your clothing, you'll be astonished at how neat and roomy your closet appears.
  6. Use a broom to sweep up any traces of dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria, both visible and unseen, to get a pristine floor. Next, sweep and vacuum the floor as needed or mop it with a wet cloth. Then, vacuum the carpets and replace the mat if necessary. Lastly, clean the floors with antibacterial and antifungal floor cleansers or disinfectants. As a consequence, you will have a clean home as well as one that is secure and safe.
  7. Cleaning the ceilings and drains in the bathroom: Be careful to abide by these rules and only use antibacterial and antifungal solutions. Because there is a great demand for thorough cleaning and sufficient sanitization in this area, check the faucets, plugs, and showerheads to make sure they are all in working order, in addition to completely cleaning the toilet. The shower curtains and rug should be changed at least twice a year due to the germs and moisture it accumulates and transmits.


It's vital to keep your home free of dust and well-kept. For one, dust can cause allergies and other respiratory problems. Additionally, dust can settle on surfaces and make them appear dirty. Finally, a well-kept home looks nicer and feels more inviting. You can hire cleaners in Irvine who can help you keep your home dust-free and looking its best.

Professional Cleaning Services has more than ten years of experience in the cleaning industry and offers cleaning services in Irvine for homes, rental properties, offices, and more. We adjust our services to your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about our daily, weekly, and bimonthly services.

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