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Valuable Reasons to Have Your Airbnb Professionally Cleaned

Short-term renters have high standards and expect your house to look just like the photos online. Many hosts make every effort to ensure their property is clean enough for guests, but others don't bother at all. Have a professional cleaning service come in and thoroughly clean your property before you start accepting Airbnb bookings.

Some of the most compelling arguments for hiring a professional cleaning service to prep your Airbnb for each new booking are as follows.

  • Comfort

This is a rule that hosts and visitors alike must follow. A good host makes their guests feel at ease even more than they would at their own residence. We mean, as a visitor, wouldn't you appreciate it if everything was tidy? When there is no strange odor?

  • Convenience

You don't have time to tidy your own apartment, and we all know it. Unless you work as a maid full-time or have infinite spare time, you should have a professional cleaning service come to your flat. Besides the obvious time savings, you may arrange to have it reserved according to your schedule and have it all ready for you to move into when you get back from work.

  • Health

Although it might not seem like it, your bed is a hub of activity on both the microscopic and macroscopic scales. Between four thousand and ten thousand skin cells are shed daily. The dead skin cells provide food for dust mites, and the bacteria thrive as you sleep.

  • Peace of Mind

Guests are more likely to leave negative feedback for a messy space than they are for a tidy one. That is to say; customers may choose not to return or may even lodge complaints if they find your establishment to be unappealing or difficult to navigate.

  • Pets‍

The presence of pets is cited as the primary source of guest dissatisfaction with Airbnbs. Tenants will definitely let you know if you have a house full of it or, even worse, if your flat does not have carpets and is therefore covered with hair. They are also more difficult to entice to return. Investing in professional cleaning services will guarantee that your business always presents well to clients and visitors.

  • Reputation

Having a stranger in your home while you're not there can be unnerving, but many professional cleaners can instill a level of trust and security that you won't get with other cleaning services. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a terrific method to give yourself some peace of mind while you're away from home.

  • Risk Reduction

If you want your property to look its best for visitors, hire a professional cleaning service. Typical reviews for premium hosts give them 4.9 stars out of 5, while those that take any bookings regardless of hygiene average only 3.4 stars.

  • Security

Cleaning your apartment, house, or vacation rental professionally, whether you pay someone to do it or do it yourself, will ensure you kill all those tiny creatures that like to live in dark and hard-to-reach places. Your health and safety may be at risk due to these insects. Mattresses, pillows, curtains, and sofas all get treated with anti-microbial treatments by professional cleaners as part of the process.


There are many valuable reasons to have your Airbnb professionally cleaned. First, it will save you time and energy. Second, it will help you keep your Airbnb looking its best. And third, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your Airbnb is clean and safe for your guests.

Additionally, having your home professionally cleaned can help to protect your investment and extend the life of your furniture and other belongings.

If you are looking for a company that offers Airbnb cleaning services in Orange County, CA, look no further than our expertise here at Professional Cleaning Services. We have over a decade of experience in the cleaning industry offering cleaning services for homes, rentals, office buildings, and more. Call us today to book an Airbnb-cleaning session with our well-trusted and efficient home cleaners.

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