How to Do Cleaning in Orange County That Eliminates Dust

Cleaning your home can be tedious and time-consuming, despite the importance of keeping your living space clean and dust-free. Dust can accumulate quickly, and it can be frustrating to see it reappear after you've just spent a lot of time de-dusting your home. But there might be interesting reasons why these pesky bits of dirt keep coming back. If you want to do dust elimination through cleaning, here are some tips you might have missed out on:

Avoiding an Air Purifier

Your A/C vents also bring a significant amount of dust into your home. They can bring particles from the outdoors in or spread the dust that’s already inside even further. Investing in a good air purifier will help you do a better job of cleaning your home.

Air purifiers can remove small particles from the air, which can help to prevent dust from accumulating in the first place. It is important to remember to clean the system or change the filter regularly to keep it working optimally. The rule of thumb is to change your air filter once every one to three months, depending on your filter type and brand. Checking your manufacturer's guide can give you a specific idea of how often you should change your filter.

Closing All Possible Entry Points

The best way to eliminate bad smells in your home is to open the doors and windows. This allows fresh air in and helps cool the house down. However, you should do this safely, so you don't let insects, pests, or dust particles inside!

Yes, even if windy days keep your house smelling fresh, they can bring a fair amount of particles into your home. To keep the dust down, it is best to shut your doors and windows when the foul odor(s) are eliminated. But if you want to continue ventilating your home without worrying about dust, you should purchase or repair any broken window or door screens.


If you have too many decorations or items in a room, it will be difficult to keep the room clean. Dust will settle on the decorations due to humidity and static electricity. It's important to balance having enough decorations or furnishings to make the room look nice and not having so many that the room is difficult to clean. If you have a bare amount of items in a room, de-dust them once a week.

Seeing Your Shoes

Walking inside your home with shoes on can bring in a lot of dust from the outside. In other parts of the world, it is customary to take off your shoes before entering the house, and with good reason, too! The bottoms of your shoes have dirt and dust, which can be a major reason you might not want to wear them in your home. If you still want to be able to wear shoes in your home, you can purchase indoor-only shoes specifically for this purpose.

A floor mat can help reduce the amount of dust that accumulates, especially if guests often come in and out, thus making cleaning much easier.

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