Home Cleaning 101: When Should You Deep Clean Your Home?

Being a homeowner is highly beneficial because you don't need to worry about high living costs. However, a house is also an investment, so it's your responsibility to take care of it. The best way of doing this is maintaining a clean environment, though sometimes it isn't enough. This is where deep cleaning comes in.

Unlike standard cleaning, deep cleaning is more intense and time-consuming than regular cleaning. Usually, it requires more equipment, such as mops, buckets, and a vacuum cleaner. Because it thoroughly cleans a house, it's a recommended cleaning method. However, the tricky part lies in when it should be done because it's not necessarily needed, especially if you plan to do it daily. For this reason, we'll discuss the ideal ways of deep cleaning.

Creating a Deep Cleaning Schedule

Before getting to the schedule, it's essential to set realistic expectations. Because deep cleaning involves more work and effort, you'll inevitably have to spend some time cleaning. It's also important to consider external factors such as cleaning supplies and equipment availability. If you're comfortable with the time, money, and availability of resources, you'll have an easier time deciding when to deep clean.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Cleaning daily is the perfect way of maintaining a clean house. However, daily cleaning isn't the same as standard cleaning. You won't be wiping off dust or wiping the surfaces. You'll be cleaning the floors, windows, and other surfaces that aren't regularly cleaned. These daily cleaning tasks will include:

  • Wiping the floors with a mop
  • Dusting
  • Clean the toilet

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Ideally, deep cleaning should be done every week. This gives you enough time to focus on the problem areas in your house, such as the restroom and kitchen. You'll also be able to clean the appliances, furniture, and other surfaces in your home. You'll need to focus on the following:

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is where you prepare food and wash dishes. Because of this, it's a place that needs to be cleaned regularly. For this deep cleaning, you'll have to remove the cabinets, clean the appliances, clean the floors, and wipe the walls.

Deep Cleaning Appliances

You'll need to clean the appliances because of possible bacteria buildup. The oven, microwave, and other kitchen appliances should be washed.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Monthly deep cleaning is what most homeowners do. You can clean the windows, walls, and floors, but you'll need to put in more effort, like scrubbing the floors or cleaning the walls. This is your chance to focus on the problem areas of your house, so you'll need to put a lot of effort into cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Surfaces

You'll need to clean the surfaces in your home, such as the cabinets and floors. All the other surfaces, even if rarely cleaned, should be cleaned. This is an excellent opportunity to clean the floors thoroughly, so you'll have to do it roughly every month.

Alternatively, you can also do it quarterly to have a deeper cleaning. This might cost you more time, but you'll be able to focus more on the problem areas.

Yearly Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning yearly isn't always recommended because the intervals are too long. However, this is an excellent opportunity to do cleaning tasks you don't usually do.

For one, cleaning your carpets and moving the furniture to clean the walls are tasks that should be done yearly. You can also focus on other surfaces that aren't usually cleaned, like baseboards and shelves.

Furthermore, cleaning the garage can also be done. There's usually a lot of stuff sitting in a garage, so cleaning it thoroughly can help reduce the clutter. This will also make your car safer because of the lack of dust and dirt.


Deep cleaning is necessary to maintain a clean environment and live in a healthy home. Aside from the cleaning schedule, it's also essential to know the right equipment to use and how to clean the entire house. If you can't do it yourself, you can always hire a cleaning company to do the job for you.

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