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Effective House Cleaning Recommendations for Pet Owners

Pet ownership may be enjoyable, but cleaning up after them is difficult. You must perform chores more frequently because home maintenance requires a lot of time. So, how do you maintain pets effectively?

Many individuals turn to house cleaning services for help because this can be rather difficult.

Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home Clean

There is an effective method for maintaining a clean home, even though the amount of housekeeping pet owners must do can seem like a never-ending cycle. 

This article provides some helpful advice on how to maintain a spotless home even when you have pets without hiring a professional cleaning service. Below are a few helpful tips!

Keep Your Animals Hygienic

Regular bathing will cut down on the amount of time you spend scrubbing. Since dogs prefer to dig and run around, dog owners should wipe their pets’ paws before bringing them into the house to prevent the dirt from spreading. 

Regular grooming is also crucial since it prevents too much hair growth. You may remove the hair from your clothing using a lint roller and a deshedding brush.

Invest in a Good Vacuum

A strong vacuum cleaner with great suction is required to vacuum the house thoroughly. Since hair gets everywhere and you’ll need to clean some hard-to-reach spots, having the right gear is also essential. 

Purchasing a vacuum with HEPA filters is advised, especially if you are a new mom. HEPA filters are ideal for cleaning a home with a newborn since they remove dust, pollen, mold, and germs.

Get Effective Cleaners

You’ll require effective cleaning products like you would for routine kitchen upkeep. Urine stains are one of the main issues that pet owners face. Vinegar works well as a natural cleaner for tough spots. 

White vinegar should be mixed with water to make a solution that should be applied to the stain with a sponge and left for five to ten minutes before use. With a fresh, dry cloth, wipe the stain.

Latex gloves are the ideal method for getting hair off of furniture. The hair will stick to moist gloves if you run your hand over the furniture while wearing them. 

When the glove is covered, rinse it off and try again if required.

Put a Covering over Your Furniture

Covering furniture might save you a ton of time and work compared to cleaning and vacuuming. If your child doesn’t fall asleep without your cherished pet, this tip will make it easier to keep their room tidy. 

You won’t have to stress over losing and getting rid of urine stains.

Frequently Wash Your Bedding

You can keep your pet healthy and rid your home of undesirable odors by regularly cleaning your pet’s bedding. This also applies to cages, tanks, and vivaria. 

Some animals are more delicate and vulnerable to illnesses; thus, their environment needs to be clean.


The type of pet you have will determine how often you should clean your home. Owners of dogs and cats should clean the floor daily and vacuum it twice weekly. You should wash the bedding at least once a month or more frequently if it gets soiled.

You need expert house cleaners in Orange County if you have pets! Professional Cleaning Services’ career in the cleaning business spans more than a decade. 

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