A Brief Guide on How to Effectively Clean Your Sofa

Due to their comfort and durability, fabric couches, chairs, and couches are trendy; however, even the best-treated fabrics will need to be cleaned occasionally to stay in good condition. Sofas should be cleaned thoroughly once or twice a year, but fabric furniture may need extra care, like monthly vacuuming and quick treatment for spills and stains.

Here are some efficient ways to clean your sofa, whether it's time for a routine cleaning or you need help preventing an unintentional spill from becoming a permanent stain.

1. Consider the Manufacturer's Recommendation 

Consult the manufacturer's care instructions on the sofa's tags before using any cleaning detergents or solutions. The upholstery may become irreparably damaged if unsafe cleaning products are used.

You are aware of the illegible letters on the tags on your sofa. These are codes, for sure! A list of codes and their definitions can be found in the following table.

2. Address Stains Immediately

As soon as a stain from a spill occurs, start cleaning it. If a stain is left untreated for a short while, it may solidify and become more challenging to remove. 

If it has a lot of embedded dust or dirt, vacuum the dirt up after removing the paint with a stiff-bristled brush. Rubbing the surface firmly but not too hard to harm the fabric is recommended.

3. Vacuum Large Clutter

Ensure all residue has been removed from the sofa's surface before starting a thorough cleaning. To clean the couch, use a full-sized vacuum cleaner or a hose attached to it.

Reach into crevices by using the long, narrow attachment of the vacuum cleaner.

Next, vacuum the pillows' entire surface. Take out the sofa's cushions and give the base a thorough vacuuming.

4. Remove Fur and Lint

Vacuuming alone cannot remove pet dander and hair, despite the fact that some businesses have created products for pet-friendly homes. Consider using a lint roller to eliminate anything a vacuum can't.

To ensure no hair is missed, it moves methodically and gradually across the entire surface of the sofa.

5. Wipe Hard Surfaces

Numerous sofas have hard surfaces, like wooden ones, which you should also be mindful of. Find a cleaning solution intended to be used on the desired surface. If you don't already have a product made for that kind of surface, a general-purpose commercial cleaner will do.

6. Steam-Clean

Another fantastic way to clean a sofa is using a steam cleaner. These machines are appropriate for a wide range of fabrics because they use heat and water for cleaning. Use a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment to simplify the process.

Keep away from the hot steam and follow the machine's directions to avoid getting burned. Stay under the applicator while using it since the heat rises. If you relocate the couch into a room with more space, it might be simpler to get past it.

Remove the cushions from a fabric sofa and steam clean one side at a time. Allow each side to dry completely before cleaning the other side. This keeps them from developing a musty smell. 

Use the steamer attachment quickly instead of repeatedly blasting one area with steam. By doing this, the sofa is kept dry.


Your fabric sofa stain might not be the end of the world. Sanitizing your sofa as part of a regular spring cleaning routine will help it last longer and look brand-new for years to come. However, let the professionals handle the job if you want to be sure and save yourself from stress.

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