9 Simple Steps for a Clean Bedroom

All adults know that the bedroom should be kept as a clean and safe sanctuary. After all, we need cleanliness to give us seven hours of sleep per night. Inadequate sleep or poor rest, on the other hand, has a negative impact on many people's health.

One of the numerous variables that promote sleep is a clean bedroom. A tidy bedroom allows you to sleep without worrying about the mess.

Never mind the makeover (for now)! Make sure you prioritize maintaining a clean bedroom so that your mind will also be free of clutter. Read on to learn these simple steps for a clean bedroom today.

Step 1: Gather and Store

First, clear up any clutter in your environment. Put dirty clothes in a basket and fold clean ones. Remove trash and return objects that are not in your bedroom.

Organize your environment before beginning a thorough cleaning. This encourages daily hygiene.

Step 2: Secure Your Bed

Typically, a complete bedroom cleaning will begin with the bed. Protect your mattress and bedding. Remove your sheets, launder them, and cover your mattress with an old blanket.

To complete the cleaning process, make your bed.

Step 3: Get Rid of All Dust

A dust-free bedroom is crucial. Dust can aggravate allergy symptoms and interfere with sleep. During a thorough cleaning, dust areas other than furniture.

Begin with the ceiling and work your way down to the walls, ceiling corners, ceiling fans (if you have them), headboards, curtain or window rods, window sills, and furniture. Working from the top collects the most dust since it falls onto lower surfaces.

A microfiber dust rag is ideal for cleaning, although a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment can also be utilized.

Step 4: Organize, Organize, Organize

Organizing creates space while also improving mental wellness. Too many things, particularly old ones, cause anxiety and make it difficult to sleep.

Dust should be removed from the tops of your closet and dresser drawers, as well as your dresser and nightstands. To avoid disarray, organize drawers and closets.

Make donation bins and discard broken or unnecessary goods.

Step 5: Mind the Drapes

Dust can build on your curtains and other window treatments. They are commonly missed and, if they come into contact with the ground, may carry dirt or other particles.

The drapes should be vacuumed and laundered. Because drapery fabrics vary, follow the care directions.

Step 6: Look Under the Bed

If you haven't recently dusted, there could be massive dust bunnies under the bed!

To begin, organize everything under your bed. Remove rubbish and place or return objects that you want to save. To clean under your bed, vacuum or dust it.

For under-bed storage, use a sliding plastic container. Placing objects in containers decreases the need for cleaning and arranging.

Step 7: Make for Squeaky Clean Surfaces

Wiping surfaces after dusting is required. It kills bacteria, prevents dust formation, and revitalizes furniture. Make use of a wood cleaning solution.

Wipe down the windows with a glass cleaner. Mirrors should also be cleaned using glass cleaner.

Step 8: Sweep and Mop the Floors

Having swept the floor does not make it clean. Your floor may have dust bunnies or other filth on it. Vacuum your floors thoroughly, giving special attention to nooks and furniture.

Remove trash, dust, and spills from wooden floors by mopping them.

Step 9: Reassemble

Organize the space after a thorough cleaning. Make your bed with new sheets and blankets. After you've washed your drapes, hang them up and be happy with your accomplishment.


These pointers will assist you in completely cleaning your bedroom and, eventually, giving you the assurance of pleasant sleep. Once you know to routinely clean your room, you will see the positive effects of what a clean bedroom can do for your life.

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