7 Differences between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Many people think cleaning is cleaning, no matter where you do it.  However, there is a remarkable difference between residential and commercial cleaning services. 

Even if they both have the same goal there are key differences between the two cleaning alternatives that make them suitable for different kinds of facilities and cleaning demands. 

The difference isn't simply in the cleaning procedure itself but in the training required for the numerous cleaning activities. The facility type, equipment needed, and safety and sanitary rules also vary between the two.

Let's look closer at seven differences between residential and cleaning services.

1. Price

Commercial cleaning services typically cost more than residential cleaning services. Commercial cleaning services usually include a more comprehensive scope, cleaning a larger area, and using specialized equipment.

2. Time

Commercial cleaning services can often clean a space much quicker than residential cleaning. This is because they have more people working on the cleaning crew and specialized equipment that can speed up the process.

Commercial cleaning services are also typically open for longer hours than residential cleaning services.

3. Scope

Commercial cleaning services can go beyond just cleaning. These services may include organizing and managing the office, preparing and delivering presentations, and managing customer relationships. On the other hand, residential cleaning services are typically limited to cleaning only.

4. Equipment

Commercial cleaning services typically use more advanced equipment and techniques than residential ones. It may include steam cleaners, high-pressure water cleaners, and industrial-grade vacuum cleaners. Residential cleaning services usually only use standard vacuum cleaners.

5. Products

One of the disparities between residential and commercial cleaning is the type of products used. Commercial cleaning products are often stronger and more effective than residential cleaning products. 

This is because they are designed to clean surfaces regularly exposed to dust, dirt, and other types of debris. Commercial cleaners are also more effective at removing tough stains and grease.

Several residential and commercial cleaning companies use eco cleaning products and practices. Green cleaning technology and chemicals decrease environmental impact and prevent unwanted implications for building occupants.

6. Insurance

Commercial cleaning companies are also bonded and properly insured. If theft or damage happens while a job is being done, the customer will be somehow compensated.

Moreover, they also have workers' compensation insurance in case an accident occurs on the job. Residential cleaning companies are not bonded or insured. If a person is injured or items are stolen or damaged, the residential cleaning company is not liable for these losses.

7. Safety Equipment and Safety Requirements

Commercial cleaning companies typically provide their cleaning staff with all the tools and equipment needed for a job. These tools and equipment include but are not limited to:

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Industry-grade cleaning products
  • Safety equipment
  • Other essentials such as ladders and scrubbers

In addition, commercial cleaning companies are often subject to strict safety guidelines during a job. These guidelines are set by the management of the company hiring the cleaning company. The policies may also be set by the health department, the management of the company that is being cleaned, or the organization.


The choice of residential or commercial cleaning services depends on a customer's specific needs. While residential cleaning services may be more cost-effective, commercial cleaning services may provide superior quality and a wider range of services.

If you need reliable professional cleaners for your home or office, try getting them from a cleaning company specializing in both types of cleaning. This ensures your property is cleaned well with industry standards and an expert cleaning crew you can trust.

Professional Cleaning Services provides professional heavy-duty cleaning service in Orange County, CA, for residential and commercial properties. We can also provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services depending on your cleaning needs. Call us today for friendly cleaning services you can trust. 

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